Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day of Shopping

Today was a great day of shopping with my wonderful mother! She was very patient with me and went to all three craft stores, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. She's pretty much the best! I had a whole list of things to get and she helped me pick out some GREAT stuff! Here's a picture of all of the stuff we got today.

Too much??

I think not! Especially when it looks like this outside!

There is no telling when we will go back to school this week! It could be Wednesday, but then again, it could be Thursday!

I got so many things to do and now I can't decide what to make first! I got some great card making items so I may just start by making a "Thank You" card for my mom. :)

Here's a cute picture of my sweet Molly while I was organizing and "playing" in my craft room tonight!

I hope every one has a great evening and a great day tomorrow!!


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